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Six Explorations of Yoga: Finding Freedom Within Containment


Shambhala Meditation Center of San Francisco
1231 Stevenson St 94103 San Francisco United States
Finding Freedom Within Containment
week four of a six week series

Join us for an inspiring yoga offering—six workshops, each exploring a different element of the yoga practice.

Binds are a wonderful way to take your practice to the next level. When done properly binds are a great way to deepen your poses and explore proper alignment. Binds help us explore new opening in areas that tend to be extra tight (low back, hips, shoulder), open up the heart, lengthen the spine and massage the internal organs. Though binds look intense, the key to binding is not to try hard, but to try easy!

Additionally, Bandhas (energy locks / valves) helps to create a meeting between body and soul so that we can get in touch with our spiritual practices. The bandhas are an excellent tool to use towards the development of one’s spiritual side. Through understanding the spiritual / energetic flow we can find a deeper and easier approach to our spiritual practice through yoga.

This workshop will be great for advanced as well as beginners!
Practice will be followed with a 15 minute meditation led by a Shambhala Meditation Instructor.

Who is this for: We invite new and seasoned yogis and yoginis to join in this opportunity to dive deep into this profound and practical tool for transformation.

Teacher: Katie Hutchison
Each class begins with the breath and extends outward into the physical asana. Katie's classes combine the dharma, tapas and svadhyaya (self study). She believes that by practicing yoga you will be able to look at life through different dimensions of understanding. Arguments that were painted black and white will shift into an unending multitude of colorful forms.

Katie received her 200-hour teaching certification from Laughing Lotus in San Francisco.

Registration: Register online or pay at the door. We accept cash, check or credit card.

Price: $20 per class